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How to Prepare for Legion

Discussion in 'Legion' started by doulie, Dec 2, 2015.

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    The end of Warlords of Draenor approaches, and this creates an exciting but rather awkward time for WoW players. Whether you are a hardcore or casual player, its easy to fall into the rut of feeling like whatever you do now will be irrelevant in a few months. However that is not completely true. Here are a few time fillers that will give you a jump start for Legion.

    Max out your Garrisons
    Get an auction house in your garrison by building a trading post and doing the 'Auctioning for Parts' quest. You will make alot of gold early in the expansion by frequently garrison hearthing, listing BOE Legion gear, ore, cloth and weapons on the AH, then hearthing back to continue your questing.

    Also you will want to max out your garrison followers/missions. With addons like Master Plan from Curse, taking care of your garrison takes 2-3 mins per character. Sure, right now it is a bit monotonous, however Blizzard promises a major rework to garrisons in Legion, and i promise you that it till not hurt to have your followers maxed out and ready to take advantage of those changes as soon as possible. This is also an awesome way to make gold. Which leads to my next point.

    Get Gold Capped
    If you are like me, the concept of getting gold capped feels so far fetched that you have probably already skipped this tip... but its not as hard as it used to be. No matter what you do its fairly simple to make a lot of gold in WoD. Max out your garrison and you will soon start receiving missions that reward gold. Stack followers with the perk that doubles the amount of gold you receive on those missions... and profit. Do this on all your characters daily and you will be surprised at the amount of gold you build up. You can also trade for gold or buy gold with credits here on Having a size-able amount of gold early in the expansion, will help you get into raids (and possibly arenas/rbgs), faster. You will also be able to grab any cool buy-able pets/mounts/new xmog sets without much hassle.

    Work on Professions
    The most profitable time for professions is almost always at the start of a new expansion. Don't miss out! Level your professions on all your characters, on launch day as you are leveling, head to closest auction how as often as you can (hopefully its in your garrison) and list those items for sale.

    House Cleaning
    Clean out your bags and bank. Most potions, reagents and crafted items will become obsolete in Legion, get rid of them, and make room for the new.

    End of Warlord of Draenor Don'ts
    • WoD Flying - Will probably be buyable in Legion, don't bother farming it at the end of WoD if you don't have it yet.
    • Achievements - If they exist now, they will be easier to do in Legion
    • Reputations
    • Legendary Ring - you won't need it

    What are you doing to get ready for Legion?
    Did i miss anything super important?

    Let me know below :)

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