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Guidelines for Selling Mounts

Please read before attempting to post in this forum as it contains important information to keep your thread from being locked or deleted.

Please review our Community Rules BEFORE posting in this forum.

This forum is for buying and selling World of Warcraft mounts ONLY.

The following templates should be used when buying or selling a mount on Warcraft Trades. Failure to do so will result in a staff member or moderator locking your thread until your thread complies with these guidelines.

Thread Title:

Please follow this template to correctly name your thread. This will ultimately prevent your thread from being locked or deleted.

Prefix: Pick from the dropdown menu to indicate whether you are Horde or Alliance.
Server: Indicate what server you are selling from.
Name of the Mount: Indicate what mount you are selling using the in-game name of the item.
Asking Price: Indicate how much you are willing to sell your item for. You may also include OBO (or best offer) or FIRM. All prices must be in credits.

Here is an example of how the title of your post should look.
PREFIX, Server – Name of Mount – Asking Price – OBO (optional)
HORDE, Illidan – Ashes of Al’ar – 30,000 Credits - OBO

Post Content:

Please provide any additional information. You may include your battle tag or character’s name here if you choose to but it is not required. Be sure to include what time you are available to trade.

*Sellers - Only deliver the mount after you have received the buyer's transfer of credits.
*Buyers - In the event of a dishonest transaction, a moderator will review the transaction history and refund your credits and take disciplinary actions if necessary.

For more information on how Credits work, click here.

Remember to leave positive feedback after successful transactions.

Aug 21, 2014
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