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Instructions for selling WoW gold

Directions for selling gold in World of Warcraft

Review our Selling Transaction Rules BEFORE posting WoW gold for Sale.

This forum is for selling/buying World of Warcraft gold ONLY. Create a new thread following the format below:

Subject: GOLD AMOUNT, Server - ASKING PRICE (credits)


Gold Amount / Server: E.g: Selling 15,000 gold illidan, for 1,900 credits
Additional Info: Very fast delivery. I am usually on between 5pm - 11pm EST for instant delivery. PM me for delivery information

*Sellers - only deliver gold after you've received the buyer's transfer of credits
*Buyers - in the event of a dishonest transaction, a moderator can review the transaction history and refund your credits and/or take disciplinary actions if necessary. Review how credits work here, and our community rules here, for more on how we protect you.

*remember to request positive feedback after successful transactions.

Apr 3, 2014
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